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Tis the season to give udders and teats the special care they deserve

Wooster Daily Record 06 Dec 2021
Additionally, exfoliating the teats with a chlorine-dioxide dip can remove excess keratin from the teat ends, creating a smooth surface for easier cleaning and less pathogen colonization ... Lastly, never underestimate the power of clean and dry bedding, regardless of the time of year.

Guide to eat right: The truth about ‘detox’ juices – more fad, less nutrition

Indian Express 04 Dec 2021
ALSO READ .‘No side effects, very little effort’ ... Additionally, the body has its own mechanism to clean toxins via liver, feces, kidney, urine, and sweat ... Lungs also clean the toxins from the body by using tiny hairs called cilia ... Over thousands of years, the colon or large intestine evolved into a self-cleaning oven ... Twitter ... Advertisement ... Photos ... .

Jumping for Cleo Fortuna-Gamboa

The Manila Times 04 Dec 2021
"By 2013, the inevitable happened ... By an inch ... This is what caused her to rethink her lifestyle and became open to try anything including holistic alternatives such as fruits, juicing, vegetables, and natural treatments to detox and clean the body like colon cleanse, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, ear candling, and needling cupping to name a few ... .

U.S. travel restrictions in Africa reflects history of colonialism

The Grio 03 Dec 2021
... and colonial times, and performed the White man’s house cleaning and child rearing. The idea behind colonization is to rape and pillage a people, extract their resources — human and natural — and offer nothing in return but more rape, pillaging, exploitation and punishment.

Mormon Battalion monuments vandalized — again

Deseret News 03 Dec 2021
“This expedition helped win the war, prepared the way for colonization of the southwest, opened new trade routes and strengthened distant national boundaries.” Cleaning the graffiti from the monuments will be expensive and time-consuming.

Wait, how is it that lice are thriving when schoolkids are distancing physically?

The Oregonian 28 Nov 2021
PARKER, Colo.The Marker family opened their door on a recent evening to a woman dressed in purple, with a military attitude to cleanliness ... (In fact, the lore of delousers says that the bugs prefer clean hair because it’s more grabbable.) And despite common misconceptions, they can colonize people of all ages, races and ethnicities ... ....

Champagne coupes and crockery: Creatives share kitchen favourites

The Irish Times 27 Nov 2021
I have a tiny kitchen but that doesn’t stop me falling in love with fads ... Sasha Sykes. I’m obsessed with objects that carry memories, and functional pieces with a humorous twist ... My vice of popcorn leaves me with a clean colon rather than tarred lungs or a shot liver ... clean lines, reduced colour palette, where everything functional is also beautiful ... .


Pagosa Daily Post 22 Nov 2021
This story by Rae Ellen Bichell appeared on Kaiser Health News (KHN) on November 19, 2021 ...It’s a sign that things are coming back to normal.” ... (In fact, the lore of delousers says that the bugs prefer clean hair because it’s more grabbable.) And despite common misconceptions, they can colonize people of all ages, races and ethnicities ... .

A COVID head-scratcher: Why lice lurk despite physical distancing

East Bay Times 22 Nov 2021
By Rae Ellen Bichell, Kaiser Health News ...It’s a sign that things are coming back to normal.” ... That may leave some to wonder ... (In fact, the lore of delousers says that the bugs prefer clean hair because it’s more grabbable.) And despite common misconceptions, they can colonize people of all ages, races and ethnicities ... And one thing is clear ... .

Mission San Jose in Fremont vandalized with spray paint

The Mercury News 09 Nov 2021
Some of the painted words read, “Ohlone land,” “Land Back,” “Catholicism is a colonizer religion” and “Genocide is not a spectacle.”. While workers cleaned up some of the graffiti over the weekend, exact plans to remove all the red paint and restore the buildings’ original paint were still being discussed, according to Deacon Dick Bayless ... .

Historic Mission Vandalized in Fremont

NBCBayArea 08 Nov 2021
Paint was later cleaned up on the statue. But graffiti reading “land back” and “ohlone land” or “colonizer” remained ...It’s very sad and upsetting the damage is pretty big this is an adobe building that’s not easy to clean up we have to get professional who can work with the ...

Why Elon Musk is his worst enemyMost entrepreneurs flying at Musk’s level would take the ...

Deccan Herald 03 Nov 2021
It was an old joke at Tesla Inc. among executives. get too close to chief executive officer Elon Musk, and you’ll get burned. Flying under the radar — instead of too close to the sun — was a survival strategy at the company ... He’s 50 years old and has many years left to pursue his dreams of colonizing Mars and ushering in a clean energy revolution ... ....

Making Martian Rocket BioFuel on Mars

Technology Org 27 Oct 2021
Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a concept that would make Martian rocket fuel, on Mars, that could be used to launch future astronauts back to Earth ... Additionally, the bio-ISRU process generates 44 tons of excess clean oxygen that could be set aside to use for other purposes, such as supporting human colonization.

Bacteria grown on Mars could be turned into rocket fuel and save NASA $8 BILLION ...

The Daily Mail 26 Oct 2021
The team wants to build giant photobioreactors on Mars that use sunlight and carbon dioxide to produce cyanobacteria in order to make sugars. An engineered E ... Not only does this method dramatically cut costs, but researchers say the new process generates 44 tons of clean oxygen that could support human colonization ... RELATED ARTICLES. Previous 1 Next ... .

Risk Legacy changed board games forever, now Hasbro is making its spiritual successor

Polygon 23 Oct 2021
Image. Avalon Hill/Hasbro. Announcing Risk Shadow Forces In 2011 Risk Legacy changed board gaming forever. The brilliant adaptation of the classic strategy title created a new genre — the legacy genre — seemingly overnight ... Chronicles of Empire and Exile ... Humanity has come together to exploit a new source of clean energy in order to colonize Mars ... ....